McKenzie Technique Tell City, Jasper & Santa Claus, IN

McKenzie Technique

At Advanced Rehabilitation, we are happy to provide the McKenzie Technique for assessing and treating pain of the spine and extremities. This method, developed by world-renowned physiotherapist Robin McKenzie, focuses on the manipulation and treatment of the back, neck, arms, and legs. It is a highly reputable and successful method that has been used by licensed physical therapists for over 30 years.

Due to the vast success of the McKenzie Technique, it isn’t surprising that it is accepted as the most research-tested approach across the globe. Our Tell City, Jasper & Santa Claus, IN physical therapists, are trained to examine and diagnose musculoskeletal issues, and the McKenzie Technique is a strong tool for helping determine a diagnosis. The method works by using a progression of mechanical forces to examine both the mechanical changes in the patient’s body, as well as any symptoms. This then classifies the patient into a spinal or extremity category, and the correct treatment plan can then be created with proper exercises, manual techniques, and patient education.

What are the benefits of using the McKenzie Technique?

One of the most beneficial aspects of physical therapy is patient involvement and education. The McKenzie Technique highly encourages both of these aspects, in order for you to better understand how our specialized treatment services are helping to achieve your goals. An important feature of the McKenzie Technique is the initial assessment that allows physical therapists to reach a safe, reliable, and accurate diagnosis before creating a treatment plan. This also helps in making sure that both the therapist and yourself are on the same page from the very beginning.

If you are suffering from pain in your back, neck, arms, or legs, and you’d like to learn more about our implementation of the McKenzie Technique, contact or book an appointment today at Advanced Rehabilitation. Our Tell City, Jasper & Santa Claus, IN physical therapy practice, would be happy to take you on as a patient and get you back to comfortably doing the activities you love!