Squid Compression Therapy Tell City, Jasper & Santa Claus, IN

Squid Compression Therapy

If you have a pinpoint injury, such as shoulder pain, tendonitis, calf strains (any muscle for that matter), aches or tears, the Squid Therapy system at Advanced Rehabilitation can help you mitigate the pain and speed up recovery to help you get back into action as quick as possible.

We all know that ice packs are a common treatment for acute muscle injuries and strain. Squid takes that to the next level by adding in compression to help increase circulation and healing while reducing inflammation.

Squid operates by combining sequential compression with cold therapy. Each Squid wrap was uniquely developed for a specific body part to direct swelling away while driving cold deep into the tissue. The combination of directional sequential compression and deep penetrating cold may help in reducing edema and pain while allowing better blood circulation in the treated area and reducing inflammation.

For athletes, Squid is an excellent recovery tool providing high efficacy cold therapy while driving metabolites such as lactic acid away from the treated muscle, increasing local circulation. The sequential compression and cold work together to remove lactic acid and drive the cold deep into the treated muscle or joint. Our trained physical therapists are dedicated to helping you achieve a pain-free life.

If you are interested in cold compression therapy, you should give Squid Therapy a try. Request an appointment at Advanced Rehabilitation in Tell City, Jasper & Santa Claus, IN today!