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5 Ways To Know You Need Physical Therapy Mar5th 2021

5 Ways To Know You Need Physical Therapy

Physical therapy isn’t just for rehabilitation or athletes in training. There are many reasons why a person might need the assistance of a physical therapist, including injuries, illnesses, and chronic pain conditions. We put together a list of five basic indicators that you need to visit a physical therapist. If any of these apply to

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Physical Therapy is the best option for pain relief Feb15th 2021

Are You Battling Opioid Addiction? There’s A Better Option Available!

If you are suffering from arthritis, particularly in a weight-bearing joint like the knee or hip, taking an opioid painkiller for relief can be a powerful temptation for you. All you want is for the pain to subside so that you can get on with your day, right? Unfortunately, although opioids can temporarily relieve pain,

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Physical therapy can help relieve your stress-related headaches Feb5th 2021

Dealing With Tension Headaches? Physical Therapy Can Help.

Have you ever seen someone at work or in a difficult situation holding their head? What was your first initial thought? Most of us would assume either that they’re under extreme stress, or that they have a headache. In fact, you may be right on both counts. Both physical and emotional stress can cause tension

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