Category: Headaches

Dec14th 2020

Barbara R.

Prior to my therapy, moving my head, turning, twisting, standing, walking, and sitting were hard as well as very painful for me. I experience relief right after my first treatment and I continue to progress and am living pain free for the first time in a while.

Dec14th 2020

Martha M.

I came to ARI after having headaches for almost 5 months, many doctor visits, a trip to the ER and numerous tests. The results have been outstanding. I am headache free now.

Mar12th 2018

Stephanie C.

Because of the work they do and the help they have given me, I am now having pain free days for the first time in over 5 years. I haven't had a headache in over 3 months and I am able to do house work and more after a full day of work.